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Third Eye CTO Mr.Parul khanna’s exclusive interview in Canada by Canadian TV channel Punjabi Plus in TV show”PUNJAB IN CANADA”




Third Eye Ethical Hackers Society ® (THIRDEYE) is a one of the fastest growing independent Information Security consulting firms in Canada that specializes in providing expert Network, System, and Web application vulnerability assessment services , Technical & Corporate Trainings and solutions to organizations around the globe.

Since our inception in 2009, THIRDEYE has successfully performed countless vulnerability assessments /training sessions for clients ranging from Big corporations to small businesses educational sectors,colleges & universities and has uncovered thousands of exploitable vulnerabilities and regulatory compliance issues thereby saving organizations millions of dollars in potential losses. As a result, THIRDEYE has earned a well- deserved reputation as an emerging leader in the field by offering expert, comprehensive, and
affordable vulnerability assessment services and solutions that target security/compliance issues at all possible levels throughout asia.

Headquartered in Jalandhar, India and armed with a team of top-notch consultants strategically located throughout the world, our company stands poised and ready to take on any challenge that may come our way.Our company clearly stands above the rest by combining state-of-the-art tools, techniques, proprietary methodologies, and excellent customer service that focuses on the individual security and compliance needs of each client.

Mission Statement :

Provide expert, comprehensive, and affordable Training to Students /Corporates & Vulnerability assessment services and solutions to organizations around the globe and raise security awareness.

Corporate Philosophy :

We firmly believe that by providing detailed and comprehensive vulnerability assessments to our clients in the form of penetration testing, vulnerability scanning, bundled assessment packages, customized training, security policy & technical standards evelopment, they will be able to make more-informed decisions regarding ways to better protect their critical online information assets.


ThirdEye has Aided various Companies, Businesses, Educational Institutes, Universities and Organizations with Professional & Corporate Trainings ,Network, Security, Applications and aton of other Information Technology tasks. Furthermore, we also believe that by providing organizations with ongoing access to updated security/compliance information and resources they will be able to continue down the road of maintaining the security posture they desire.


Corporate Goals:

The team at THIRDEYE aspires to:

  • Provide excellent customer service in every aspect of our business dealings
  • Deliver best-of-industry vulnerability assessment services and solutions specifically tailored to each client’s needs at an affordable cost .
  • Provide practical, proven, and cost effective solutions/recommendations based on individual business and/or organization environments and requirements
  • Build strong working relationships with Information Security product vendors and/or providers Contribute information, tools, and other resources to the security community in order to help raise security awareness and promote higher levels of security Grow our client base exponentially each year while maintaining the highest level of quality in all operations.

Our Partners:

Third Eye Ethical Hackers Society ® is intended to provide like-minded Information Security software and hardware product firms with an opportunity to work closely with us in delivering “best-of-industry” services and solutions to our clients.

Although ThirdEye maintains a strict vendor-neutral approach to providing expert recommendations and solutions, we also Recognize that Strategic Partnerships of this nature allow us to obtain unique exposure and practical experience with leading security software and hardware products that may otherwise be impossible. As a result, our team is able to thoroughly evaluate your products in various environments, gain a firm understanding of their capabilities, and then potentially add them to our ever growing list of “best” recommendations and/or solutions made to clients.


ThirdEye Strategic Partnership Program coupled with the comprehensive vulnerability assessments we perform not only allows us to deliver top-notch client focused recommendations and solutions but it also provides qualified participating firms with a wealth of opportunities.

This is where our partnership participants typically benefit the most.

How You Benefit:

  • Potentially new vertical or horizontal markets for your products
  • Possible expanded markets resulting from successful implementations and value added
  • Ground floor opportunities to provide security products to clients around the globe throughout their network, system, and Web application lifecycles
  • Valuable up-to-date information regarding client security needs and concerns
  • An expert and unbiased evaluation of your product(s) by our team
  • Product endorsement by the ThirdEye team of security experts
  • As organizations face the arduous task of managing ever-increasing online security threats, vulnerabilities, and compliance issues, the need for short and long-term best-of-breed software & hardware security solutions is also rapidly growing. Choosing the “right” solution can be very challenging integration/implementation concerns, scalability issues, and some advertising claims that borderline snake oil. Therefore, client organizations often rely on us for expert guidance based on our knowledge of products and practical experience with them. One of the many ways we meet this need is through our Strategic Partnership program which allows us to team with leading providers that offer proven technologies. Given the sheer number of technology products